Story Telling

Sometimes you find the most useful advice in a random comment, such as the one below. The person commented on one of my photos on how he liked pictures with a good story behind them. And it hit me: EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD STORY!

I randomly browsed through some of the most shared content on my social networks for that day, and I realised this very pattern. Most of the content getting shared, and reshared, was in most cases a “good story”. It was stuff that made the reader feel like, a part of the content or all of it, was related to them. They could identify with it, or in some cases aspire to be it. Most of all, they enjoyed reading it or seeing it or listening to it. It wasn’t mundane or sermon-like, and nor was it a bullet list of randomness.

It was then that I made a mental note to myself. I will try and share stories. Whether it be through the photographs I share, or blog posts I write, I shall try and tell a story. It should more than anything be worth 2 minutes of your precious time!



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