Writer’s Block?

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Forget the Keyboard, Pick up a Pen!

Start writing! And by that mean, pick up a pen or a pencil and some blank paper and start WRITING, like it’s  fracking 1999.

I’ve been facing writer’s block lately. Had a tough time writing anything more than 140 characters. And I think I know why. I am consuming information through Facebook and Twitter on my mobile and that information has become “micro”. So when I sat down to type something, my thought process hit a roadblock after about 140 characters.

On a whim, I decided to fool my brain to think that it was 1999: The age of using an actual pen and paper to write stuff. I bought a notebook, found that pen that was hiding in my bag, and started to WRITE! And man, have I written. In one day, I had filled up 10 pages of that notebook. It was magical! It’s 10 pages of utter garbage, but the important thing is that I was able to write more than 140 characters of garbage.

We have become so used to getting content through our mobile devices that our minds have become trained to “skim” through anything doesn’t fit on our mobile screens. Think about it. When was that last time you completely read an article shared by your friend on Facebook or Twitter. Hell, when was the last time you actually even opened an article shared by someone!

And I think I know why that is. There’s just too much information getting shared. In the 15 minutes that it took me type this, I had received about 50 new tweets and 20 new posts in my Facebook news feed. No way I’m looking at each one of them. 99% of them will disappear as fast as my finger scrolls them away from the screen. What I will look at is stuff that I am interested in at that moment. Stuff that is “contextually” relevant.

That is what our brains in 2014 have become trained to do. We can only digest and produce information that is contextually relevant, and that too in that micro-second it takes us to scroll through our Facebook news feed. So, I decided to trick it into thinking it was 1999, and sat down with a pen and paper. The act of actually writing and seeing ink on the paper was enough. No longer was my brain worried about “micro”. It was more interested in filling up that piece of paper with ink. And once it filled up one page, it just kept on going like that fracking Energizer bunny. It was beautiful!

It worked for me. Maybe it could work for you.Pen n Paper

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